Saturday, November 22, 2008

Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life is a way of thinking about life.

It has nothing to do with any political, religious or parochial philosophy.

It is just a way of thinking.

We can choose to struggle our way through our existence in this Life or we can choose to Celebrate Life, all of its high points and all of its low points.

With all that is happening on this Earth at this time, it is imperative we see our way through and to Celebrate Life.

To help remind us all to Celebrate Life, carrying on the tradition of my father, my brothers and I have created these Celebrate Life magnets.

They are as bright as the image above, measure approximately 6 1/2" in diameter and are 20mm thick. All of those ribbon magnets you see, these are the same material. Made in the USA.

Celebrate Life is a Registered Trademark, so no bootlegging. We will follow up.

They are $5.00 each. Buy 2-10, they are $4.50 each; 11-50, they are $4.00 each; more than 50, let's talk.

Shipping pricing varies but a single magnet is about $1.25. More than three, and up to 20, go in a USPS Priority package at $4.75. More than 20 go in a USPS Priority box at $8.50. More than 50 go UPS and pricing depends on where you want them shipped.

These are a perfect inexpensive gift, great for a fundraiser or just to put on the frig or your car to remember to Celebrate Life.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to order some, please feel free to email me at with Celebrate Life in the subject line.

If you choose to apply this philosophy to your life, you can join the rest of us as we Celebrate Life.